ctaaProject / 老屋翻新 / 北門路住宅整建

    宜蘭小火車 咖啡
    Completion : 2014.02
    Principal use : Cafe
    Total floor area : 80㎡
    Building site : Yilan
            The base is located in the Yilan Railway Station lost when the forest next to the Japanese during the storage barrels for the warehouse, the follow-up into idle space, only one floor of the cottage has a beautiful stone walls and exquisite Zhanzhuo exquisite window, the owners would like to In the bungalow full of temperament, through the location of the people to make a sit can be a cafe.
            The use of old-fashioned antique elevator sliding door as the entrance image to create a sense of nostalgia style building, long-shaped space configuration oblique bar to increase the fun of space, retaining the old brick wall and discarded second-hand bookcase wall to create visual effects, To point light-based, so that the level of clear and bright space for the Keren to have a sense of security.