ctaaProject / 老屋翻新 / 熨斗目花 咖啡

    熨斗目花 咖啡
    Completion : 2016.07
    Principal use : Cafe
    Total floor area : 198㎡
    Building site : Tainan
            The base is located in the New Japan Street, a small Kyoto, the Japanese traditional wooden houses everywhere, the streets are full of thick traditional Japanese style architecture, the owner will take the shop name iron flower, a color adjectives, as its name is a kind of Shen Jing And steady blue, and the atmosphere of the old house cleverly combined.
            Owners of many old-fashioned steam iron, its spiritual symbol is like a hands to create with the diligent and clean, in ironing the moment produced by the lines, people are not consciously drawn under the beautiful arc, so hot Everyone in the clothes is a small artist.
            The internal space was originally 2, the separation of the wall after the demolition of the column so that the overall space of the show half of the situation, even if the removal of the partition wall space is still feeling small, so the use of iron ironing clothes for the curve, Will be divided into two space together to make the visual coherence.